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Course Name : VLSI Course Fee : Rs. 5000/- Course Duration : 80 hours

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Why to learn VLSI?
As we have seen that VLSI is a technology by which 10000-1 Million Transistors can be fabricated on a single chip. Now, what is the necessity for fabricating that many of Transistors on a single chip? In olden days during the vacuum tube era, the size of Electronic Devices were huge, required more power, dissipated more amount of heat and were not so reliable. So there was certainly a need to reduce the size of these devices and their heat dissipation. After the invention of SSD's, the size and the heat produced by devices was undoubtedly reduced drastically, but as the days passed the requirement of additional features in Electronic Devices increased which again made the devices look bulky and complex. This gave birth to the invention of technology which can fabricate more number of components onto a single chip. As the need of additional features in Electronic Devices arised, the growth of VLSI Technology has improved.

Why to learn VLSI at Lakshya?